Nov. 17, 2009, was Nathaniel’s final sip of whiskey, though he didn’t know it at the time. The goal was to either get sober or successfully achieve suicide, yet the latter didn’t seem to be an option. Within him was a defining urge not only to live and survive without substance use, but to help others do the same. This would later be the driving force behind the creation of Breathwork for Recovery.

Nathaniel was first introduced to breathwork by Corrie Borris, a practitioner trained by L.A.-based breathwork pioneer David Elliott. She burned some sage and talked about self-love. She assured Nathaniel that this kind of breathing would help permeate the seemingly impenetrable skepticism that kept him locked in a pattern of self-betrayal, self-loathing, and addiction most of his life. And he didn’t really have a choice other than to give it a shot. It only took one session for Nathaniel to realize that breathwork had the power to save his life, and he committed himself to not only learning the practice, but mastering it. He drove from Utah to California once a month to be trained by Elliott himself, and after certification, Nathaniel continued his monthly training and began honing a specialty in substance use disorder treatment.

Seven years later, Nathaniel has helped thousands of people from all walks of life find the power within themselves to change their lives, and he now runs an apprenticeship program to help others learn how to implement this unique beathwork technique as a treatment method for addiction and substance use disorder. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Nathaniel provides breathwork service in a variety of treatment centers in order to help clients break through defense mechanisms while establishing a deeper, more loving connection with themselves. He knows that sobriety is merely the first step toward achieving relief from the disease of addiction and alcoholism and he dedicates much of his recovery program to helping clients form healthier relationships with their feelings.

Nathaniel V. Dust, B. Msc. has worked as a professional healer for almost a decade, using the power of a person’s breath as a catalyst for positive changes in clients’ lives. Equipped with an arsenal of techniques – with a special focus on breathwork – Nathaniel has helped thousands of people process trauma, disarm negative thought patterns, and maintain healthy and happy relationships with themselves and loved ones. Nathaniel’s client base ranges from those seeking relief from everyday anxiety to people suffering from severe emotional and physical trauma and desperate for help. His specialty includes working in addiction treatment facilities to help accelerate clients’ journey to recovery.

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