Breathwork for Recovery® redefines recovery through compassion, empowerment, and asset-based treatment methods with breathwork as its core.

“The journey to healing trauma – to changing your life – is not linear. It’s full of switchbacks and roundabouts. Who wants to walk a straight line their whole life, anyway?” -nathaniel v. dust

Breathwork for Recovery® is founded on the simple premise that there is a pathway toward recovery for anyone – everyone – who has experienced trauma, substance use disorders, addiction, and alcoholism, eating disorders, and other mental health issues — especially those seeking a supplement (or alternative) to traditional 12-step programs. For some, it’s through a connection to a Higher Power; for others, a connection to a vital community. Others may find it by medical means. Breathwork for Recovery honors every client’s process.


Breathwork is a simple breathing technique that assists in processing trauma, developing healthier thought patterns, and creating a new perspective on old behavior. This two-stage rhythm helps calm the brain and allows clients to experience a more tangible connection to their bodies. This practice allows clients to become more aware of buried emotion and deep-seated trauma while identifying the necessary steps toward healing those wounds. Because breathwork doesn’t depend on conscious thought, it is able to successfully circumnavigate the defense mechanisms and roadblocks typically encountered during conventional talk therapy and, often after just one session, clients are able to see and feel the nurturing effects.

Breathwork isn’t magic, though it sometimes can feel exactly that. This breathing techniques ultimately distracts the mind long enough to provide clients with a respite from its incessant chatter and desperation to “figure it all out.” Results vary from person to person, but most clients report a reduced level of anxiety, a sense of being consciously present and connected, and in many cases having had “a spiritual experience” — often for the very first time. Self-judgment is reduced, self-love is achieved, and most importantly, clients gain awareness that they have the power to generate the same sense of relief that they had previously only been able to find by using drugs and alcohol.

We use this powerful breathing technique in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers because it provides profound efficacy at helping clients become mindful of — and eventually bypass — the issues that prevent them from dealing with suppressed emotion and trauma in a healthy way. Breathwork is by far the fastest relief method that Nathaniel and his team have seen (aside from using, of course) and this instant gratification especially appeals to those suffering from substance use disorders. Breathwork oxygenates the hypothalamus gland and releases endorphins and neuropeptides, which create a feeling of peace and well-being, and helps clients access parts of themselves that have been kept buried their entire lifetimes. The technique also stimulates the vagus nerve, which helps combat anxiety and pull clients out of a “fight, flight, or freeze” response, and every session takes place in a safe and therapeutic environment that has clients’ best interests in mind. This technique helps get the nervous system back into regulation from the dysregulated state which often accompanies the experience of trauma.

Breathwork for Recovery® is not only for those in treatment centers — founder Nathaniel V. Dust runs the nation’s only donation-based support group to incorporate breathwork techniques and has made it available and accessible to all, regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion. The Recovery Circle is a weekly Los Angeles-based group dedicated to using breathwork as a pathway to long-term recovery and will soon be available in cities across the country, run by only the highest-qualified practitioners in the world.

One of our primary discussions revolves around shame and the cycles of recidivism due in part to the impact of stigma toward the person with a substance use disorder. We can recover, and a big part of that is telling stories of our success. Bringing the topic of recovery to the forefront of people’s minds and combating the criminalization and judgment around addiction sufferers. This is why we’re not anonymous.

Breathwork is commonly called an active meditation, but we assure you it does NOT require you to sit silently. Breathwork is where deep work gets done; we drudge up the deep stuff so it can no longer control our behavior unconsciously. It’s confronting. It can be uncomfortable. But the greatest changes come in the midst of the greatest challenges. It’s not about avoiding the water – it’s about learning to boldly navigate the waves.

For more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact Nathaniel V. Dust at (888) 690.BREATH (2732) or®

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