Breathwork Beats Cigarrettes by Danielle Hering

Breathwork Beats Cigarrettes by Danielle Hering

I’ve always loved my job… helping people heal has brought me the deepest sense of satisfaction.
I felt honored that people were willing to share their stories with me…that they trusted me to
witness their pain and help them untangle it. And I felt this way even before I found the
Breathwork, or it found me.

But now, with the Breathwork, I’m helping people more powerfully than I was before. I’ve
witnessed countless transformations, including my own. The sadness that I thought would
always be there is gone. The fear that I used to hide behind has dissolved. The belief that I
needed to be perfect in order to be loved has disappeared. I do the Breathwork regularly so life
never gets too intense, if I’m confused about something I find clarity in the Breath, I’ve used it
to heal everything in my life, and I encourage my clients to do the same.

I had tried for years to quit smoking and had never been able to…it always felt like something
was missing whenever I tried to quit. I asked my body what was missing and heard (inside my
head) “the love of a mother.” I knew that was an old belief I had, so I didn’t see how the
information was helpful.

The Breathwork was the tool that finally helped me to quit smoking. The Breath showed me
where I was holding the wound in my body that needed to be numbed with nicotine. It showed
how the wound was created and how old I was when it happened. The wound was that I didn’t
believe my mother loved me, and the belief was that I was therefore less valuable than anyone
who’s mother did love them. I was shown how the nicotine and smoke filled that empty space
inside me, so that I didn’t have to feel the pain. This wound would be activated every time I
was around someone who’s mother did love them. All of this was happening subconsciously.
As I let out a loud yell during the Breathwork session, the wound released from my body…all
except a tiny fragment that got caught in my throat. After that session I never thought about
cigarettes, I never craved one, I actually couldn’t even remember what it was like to smoke. It
felt like I had been a smoker in a different lifetime.

The small energetic fragment that got stuck in my throat ended up turning into a growth that
had to be surgically removed. It was malignant, but all my margins were clear and I am
completely healed. Who knows what would have happened had I not released the majority of
that energy from my body!

I share this story to illustrate how deep the healing with the breathwork can go. I didn’t have to
analyze or figure anything out on my own, the Breath just showed me what I needed to know
and released it for me. Some people complain that the Breathwork is too hard, but I disagree,
what’s hard is living a life feeling empty or broken inside… what’s hard is holding onto pain,
anger, fear and sadness. What’s hard is not knowing who you really are or being able to
express yourself to the world.

I feel blessed beyond measure that my career is to bring the Breathwork to people. Having the
tool that I know will bring the relief people are seeking makes me job a breeze. There’s no
reason to keep struggling, the answers are all in the Breath. Yes, it may be challenging at times,
the resistance may feel insurmountable, but the freedom on the other side is worth every

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