Danielle Hering, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist certified in EMDR therapy with a Master’s degree in Psychology, as well as a breathwork practitioner based in Orange County. Dedicated to helping clients heal more completely and feel better faster, Danielle utilizes a variety of proven-effective methods for working with and healing trauma and discovered breathwork in 2010 while seeking holistic healing from a chronic digestive condition. After one breathwork session, Danielle released sadness she had been carrying for decades and devoted herself to learning how to facilitate this kind of experience for others.

Breathwork has transformed Danielle’s life, healing aspects of herself that she had given up on ever being able to fix, as well as issues that she wasn’t even aware of. Through her breathwork practice, Danielle has been able to discover who she really is and no longer looks outside of herself for anything to complete her. After adding breathwork to her thriving therapy practice, Danielle has found her clients heal more completely and faster than ever before and she now teaches groups regularly throughout San Diego and occasionally in Arizona. She recently brought breathwork into a women’s residential drug and alcohol rehab facility and believes this technique has the ability to truly help people and set them free from the blocks in their life.

Danielle was trained to facilitate breathwork professionally and has completed the David Elliott Healer Training series multiple times. To learn more about Danielle, please visit http://www.thrutheheart.com/.

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