Jeff Pesner, RADT1, CADC-I-track, is Operations Manager at Breathwork for Recovery and a breathwork practitioner based in Los Angeles, having worked in the treatment of substance use disorder for more than 2 years. Jeff works in the trenches with those struggling in recovery and has honed a special skill for connecting with and impacting the lives of those who arguably need him most – especially those afflicted with SUD and PTSD.

Jeff found breathwork through an old friend after having moved out of a sober living home and feeling ready to deepen his spiritual practice. The philosophy major left his first breathwork experience feeling inspired and enlightened, and soon Jeff connected with Breathwork for Recovery President and Founder Nathaniel Hodder-Shipp, with whom he shares a likeminded perspective on recovery, ethics, and professionalism. Since January 2017, Jeff has been training under Nathaniel while helping to cultivate and nurture Breathwork for Recovery’s national growth and continues to uphold and work with the highest ethical standard. Jeff is most inspired by helping clients get out of their own way and overcome emotional barriers in the pursuit of happiness and success in this life.

Jeff was trained to facilitate breathwork professionally and has completed the David Elliott Healer Training series. To learn more about Jeff Pesner, please visit

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