Jennifer Patterson is a breathwork practitioner, healer, and grief worker based in New York City with a special focus on trauma-informed, gender-inclusive healing and grief support. Following years working in the anti-violence field, as a rape crisis counselor, community organizer and editor of an anthology about queerness and sexual violence, Jennifer discovered breathwork in the wake of a great personal loss. She left her first-ever session feeling a new connection with her inner wisdom and reminded that there is joy and aliveness always living alongside grief and pain – even the most overwhelming forms. Jennifer knew that she wanted to offer breathwork in her anti-violence and LGBTQ communities in an accessible, trauma-aware aware way, and she began a regular practice working with individuals and groups of all sizes.  

A survivor of multiple forms of violence throughout her life and having misused alcohol to drown out her body’s trauma response, Jennifer has a special understanding of complex PTSD and helps clients face the emotional, physical, spiritual and psychic pain from their past. Jennifer believes that our bodies are somatic containers, that they hold the stories of all we experience, and she uses breathwork to help clients cultivate the power to heal and deepen the connection with themselves. Weaving together breathwork, plant medicine work as a trained herbalist, and somatic writing, Jennifer offers 1:1 and group sessions, trauma-focused somatic writing workshops, and other herbal remedies all with the purpose of supporting clients as they move through traumatic experiences. She has brought this work into colleges and universities and a variety of support facilities, including LGBTQ centers, sexual violence resource centers, a Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish healing center, a needle exchange and harm reduction clinic, and veterans’ hospitals.

Jennifer believes that recovery can look many different ways; she offers person-centered care and believes that her clients are the experts of their own experience.

Jennifer was trained to facilitate breathwork professionally and has completed Level 1 of the David Elliott Healer Training series. To learn more about Jennifer, please visit

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