Lili Pettit is a breathwork practitioner and healer based in Los Angeles with a special skill for holding space for clients to discover their own healing process. She has built her life around clearing out the negative and unnecessary, making space for what serves in positive and productive ways – both in the home and in the body. Her training includes David Elliott’s Healer Training, Feng Shui House Blessing Certification from the Shambhala Institute, and Celebration of Being’s Transformational Leadership Training program, as well as much life experience that given her a unique perspective on our emotional connection to clutter and chaos.

It was through the discovery of breathwork meditation and its powerful benefits that Lili was able to heal her own lineage of addiction, and her positive attitude, clear logic, and focused energy gently guides clients through the restorative process. Over the years she has acquired extensive training allowing her to help hundreds of individuals find more joy and ease in life. Lili is most passionate about helping others take responsibility for their own healing and firmly believes that we all have the ability to heal ourselves, our stories and our past, no matter what cards life has dealt.

Lili was trained to facilitate breathwork professionally and has completed the David Elliott Healer Training series multiple times. To learn more about Lili Pettit, please visit

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