What Is Breathwork and How Does It Work

What Is Breathwork and How Does It Work

Breathwork is a broad term that applies to a variety of breathing exercises that are
designed to relieve stress and to better prepare the mind for every day struggles. By being bolder
than meditation and more accessible than yoga, breathwork therapy has quickly become one
of the fastest growing and most popular healing practices around the world.

Understanding Breathwork
To truly understand breathwork, one must first learn about its many different forms. Now,
given that a fully encompassing explanation of all breathwork forms would take hours to read,
we will only cover a few of the most popular forms.

Two-stage Pranayama Breathwork
This simple breathing practice is done while lying down and listening to a curated playlist created by practitioners. It is a powerful technique which allows a person to address suppressed emotions and trauma preventing them from fully living. By regulating the nervous system through this breathing technique, people find themselves more emotionally connected and grounded in their day to day lives.

Holotropic Breathwork
Holotropic breathwork is a kind of meditation that aims to bring together the mind, body
and the soul. Holotropic breathwork involves pattern breathing, and occasional bodywork to
evocative music. This practice alters one’s consciousness, which ultimately helps bring the mind,
body, and soul together as one.

Rebirthing Breathwork
Also called Conscious Energy Breathing, this technique has an array of tenants that focus
on the trauma of birth. This technique is founded on the belief that all people carry the trauma of
birth deep within their consciousness, and must re-experience its pain in order to have a spiritual
rebirth. This therapy is extremely complicated and therefore should only be practiced under the
guidance and supervision of a certified instructor.

Clarity Breathwork

As the name suggests, clarity breathwork is an exercise of the mind that aims to help one
achieve complete clarity. This practice helps to clear up all inhibitors that block the smooth flow
of breath and energy.

Biodynamic Breathwork

Biodynamic breathwork is a technique that is solely committed to helping people cope
with traumatic stress disorders. This technique is founded on the belief that our bodies have a
central trauma release system that can be used to promote healing and recalibrate one’s internal

How Does It Help
A credible and increasingly popular method of de-stressing from within, breathwork
relies on different breathing patterns. Breathwork is known to help calm the mind, ease stress,
alleviate anxiety, and fight Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
This practice helps achieve better self-awareness and clarity of mind, both of which
contribute to greater mental focus. Among other things, breathwork can also improve endurance,
physical health, relationships, and every day performance.
Unlike medicines that target a particular symptom, or a bunch of symptoms, breathwork
focuses on the overall health and well-being of its practitioners. It awakens the body’s healing
powers and can restore physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Clinical Conditions Breathwork Address
Breathwork is strongly recommended to anybody who is suffering from the following:
• Anxiety
• Anger
• Trauma
• Depression
• Grief and loss
• Chronic Pain
• Emotional effects of a disease

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