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I am at the School Psychologist for Centered Health and have had the pleasure of getting to know Nathaniel V. Dust over the past 7 months. Nathaniel comes to our facility every week and facilitates an hour long Breathwork for Recovery sessions. In order to provide the very best care for our clients, Centered Health contracts out to several different facilitators, choosing only those whom are the very best at what they do. Because our contracted staff only see our clients one or two times a week, there is potential to see some kind of disconnect develop between the clients and the group leaders. It is common to see the group facilitators show up, facilitate their group, and go home, however, this is not the case with Nathaniel.

Nathaniel arrives early in order to introduce himself to any new clients that may have arrived to the facility, helps alleviate any fears they may have, and/or answer any questions they have regarding Breathwork and how it can help them in their treatment program. Nathaniel provides a comfortable, peaceful, and safe place for our clients; a place where they can step outside of their comfort zones, thus allowing them to focus, and let their guard down. Nathaniel provides blankets, eye masks, and even burns sage, which not only makes the sessions more enjoyable, but also adds cohesion to the overall experience.

I have seen several of our clients experience emotional breakthroughs during Nathaniel’s groups by simply trusting in his skills and expertise, which subsequently results in them surrendering their insecurities and control, and allowing themselves to become vulnerable. The level of dedication that Nathaniel brings to his practice is truly inspiring; Nathaniel is consistent, poised, and is a true professional. Nathaniel is confident in the work he does, as he believes in this industry and knows it has the ability to help individuals overcome adversity, reduce their levels of stress and anxiety, and transform them into more insightful, and empathic individuals.

Nathaniel has contributed to the healthy growth and empowerment of every one of the adolescents that have come to Centered Health and I value the time I have had to work with him in a professional capacity. Nathaniel is kind, compassionate, and truly cares about our clients and their well-being. I will continue to embrace Nathaniel as one of our most loved and respected group facilitators and wish him success in any and all of his future endeavors.

-Nicole DeGaetano MA.Ed., PPS, RAS; School Psychologist, Registered Addiction Specialis, Teen Support Specialist

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of working with Nathaniel. When I first received Nathaniel's resume with a detailed attachment describing his Breathwork for Recovery. I was skeptical as to how his breathwork offers more to my clients then simple meditation. I decided to have him come give a trial group. The clients immediately began raving about the group. They described how the Breathwork for Recovery opened doors they believed shut forever. Within the group the clients began to identify their underlying struggles which then allowed them to direct their efforts in the proper direction.

After hearing the reviews from the clients, I decided I must sit in one of the groups and attempt the exercises. I was amazed at the power behind the Breathwork for Recovery. I not only advise Nathaniel to those recovering from addiction, but anyone with any sort of mental or emotional struggle.

- Mordechi Osias; Program Director, Renewal Sobriety

One must get educated and train to become truly effective. This stems from observation of those treating substance use disorder who have little or no training whatsoever and how the lack of ethics when treating this vulnerable population of people ends with exploitation and abuse.

Nathaniel's apprentices go through a rigorous vetting process and training to identify and educate appropriate discernment when confronted with ethical dilemma. This sets him and his team apart from almost every practitioner and facilitator. You would be hard pressed to find someone in the world using this technique with more experience, expertise, and integrity.

-Ann H, group facilitator

Having worked on the front lines of addiction treatment for over 25 years, I am always looking for advanced ways to treat clients in order to bolster their chances of recovery. A few years ago I was introduced to the practice of Breathwork for Recovery, and I have to admit at first I was skeptical. I did not fully understand the benefits for clients or if there were tangible results. Then I met Nathaniel.

I allowed Nathaniel free reign to work with some of my hardest clients, severe cases of trauma, multiple treatment centers, suicidal ideation, etc., and what I began to see after they attended Breathwork for Recovery was surprising to say the least. Clients who no other approach worked with began to have a distinct shift in their psyche for the better. These clients who had experienced years of anxiety and depression began to adopt a sense of hope and a radical shift was witnessed by all of us that had worked with them.

I had to admit that Nathaniel and his uncanny ability to gain the trust of these clients through his practice of Breathwork for Recovery was a powerful weapon in the fight against addiction. Today I believe that any treatment center that does not employ this practice is lacking in a vital tool. Additionally, the practice is only as good as the practitioner, and in working with many professionals over the years, it is evident to me that Nathaniel is simply the best at what he does. As long as he will allow me to make him a part of the vital treatment program we have here at Triumph Recovery, I will continue to utilize Nathaniel to give our clients the best possible chance they can have at breaking free from the cycle of addiction.

- Scott Ford; Program Director, Triumph Recovery

"We are so lucky to have Nathaniel as a part of our Profound Team! Nathaniel's work has been a phenomenal addition to our eclectic and holistic approach to treating those who struggle with addiction. Our clients report having incredible experiences that are extraordinary on their journey to long-term sobriety. Nathaniel is warm, caring, and authentic which creates a safe and trusting relationship with individuals in the room. Nathaniel's open-minded attitude of teamwork, collaboration, and individualized attention has made Nathaniel a pleasure to work with!

-Larry Hymes; LMFT, Clinical Director at Profound Treatment and Amber Glavor; LMFT, Primary Therapist at Profound Treatment

Nathaniel is truly a life changer! He is so passionate about his work and helping others. He has an incredible way to connect to people and help them reach their innermost selves to work through obstacles they never thought possible. Having him on my team has been a tremendous blessing and our clients look forward to meeting with him week after week. He never ceases to surprise, amaze and astound, but most of all he never passes up an opportunity to truly support someone and be of service!

-Jane Shomof; LMFT and Clinical Director at Silicon Beach Outpatient Center

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