Group Sessions For Treatment Centers
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Breathwork for Recovery® is currently being used by some of the best treatment centers in the country including and not limited to: Clear Recovery Center, Awakenings Neurofeedback, Resolutions, and Visions.  Groups run between 60 and 90 minutes and our skilled facilitators understand the vulnerable state that clients in treatment centers find themselves in. We acknowledge that that each client is different and provide a space for everyone, even the most resistant.

Private Sessions (in person, on Skype, or over the phone)
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Session length is one hour and 15 minutes. We talk about what you are looking to heal in your life, change, or let go of. Then we get down to the breathing: using intuition and the information gathered during the talking portion, we create an experience together to heal your life. You get connected to yourself in a way that allows you to process old trauma and emotion and release the self-defeating behavior that is preventing you from living a full and happy life.

Group Sessions (both public and private)
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Groups usually run between an hour and a half and two and a half hours in length. Often these are themed groups using the power of a community to reach in to those areas we are stuck, to promote vulnerability and connection. The group encourages the individual to participate in a different way than an individual session.

Weekend Breakthrough Retreats
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These weekend retreats utilize many unique and therapeutic methods to help clients break through patterns of unwanted and unhealthy behavior. Nathaniel has designed a curriculum that creates a healing space using unconventional elements to achieve positive outcomes unattainable through traditional practices.

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